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Nov 15, 2023 - NATURE
Mapelli, Francesca, 2023, "Vergani et al- Supplementary Tables", https://doi.org/10.13130/RD_UNIMI/U1VCP7, UNIMI Dataverse, V3, UNF:6:5tWeN78f2dxXmu39pwUO6Q== [fileUNF]
The dataset includes the Supplementary Tables of the manuscript Vergani et al. entitled "Deciphering the interaction of beneficial bacteria inoculants with the recipient endophytic community in grapevine micropropagated plants" (unpublished)
Aug 3, 2023 - API-GIS, Un Approccio Integrato per lo studio degli apoidei dei Sistemi urbani col supporto di tecnologie mobili e GIS
Lupi, Daniela; Adriano Zanetti; Paolo Triberti; Sergio Facchini; Fabrizio Rigato; Costanza Jucker; Sara Savoldelli; Serena Malabusini; Paolo Cortesi; Augusto Loni, 2023, "Check list Parco colline Lupi et al.", https://doi.org/10.13130/RD_UNIMI/S8MW9P, UNIMI Dataverse, V3, UNF:6:Iku+CT1F889OD8k6rMw9Xg== [fileUNF]
A study finalised to create a first check list of the insects settled in different areas of a park called “Parco delle Colline” in Brescia Province (Northern Italy) ranging from 190 to 960 meters above sea level. It included the part of the park localized in the municipality of B...
Jul 13, 2023
ITA Numerose ricerche dimostrano che la ricchezza in specie del nostro pianeta sta rarefacendosi progressivamente, e questo fenomeno è più rapido nei Paesi più industrializzati, sottoposti a perturbazioni di carattere antropico. In un periodo quindi in cui la rarefazione delle è...
Dec 16, 2022 - Ready-to-eat Food as a Vehicle of Microorganisms in the Microbial Deprivation Hypothesis
Mantegazza, Giacomo, 2022, "16S rRNA gene sequencing data", https://doi.org/10.13130/RD_UNIMI/THVHPO, UNIMI Dataverse, V1
This dataset contains the following files: 126 files \"fastq.gz\": files containing the raw sequencing data (FASTQ files) of the 16S rRNA gene profiling carried out on DNA extracted from rocket salad cultivated with vertical farming techniques (from A1 to L3) and rocket salad cul...
Dec 14, 2022 - Ready-to-eat Food as a Vehicle of Microorganisms in the Microbial Deprivation Hypothesis
Mantegazza, Giacomo, 2022, "16S rRNA genes sequences of LABs isolated from rocket salad", https://doi.org/10.13130/RD_UNIMI/SU5CBK, UNIMI Dataverse, V1
This dataset contains the following files: 254 files "\.ab1\": files containing the raw sequencing data (Chromatogram files) of part of the 16S rRNA gene amplified from the DNA of the LAB strains isolated from rocket salad. The primers used were: P0: 5'-GAAGAGTTTGATCCTGGCTCAG-3',...
Dec 14, 2022
This reasearch project is part of the MIND Foods HUB. During the last decades, the incidence of autoimmune and allergic diseases (AADs) has seen an exponential increase worldwide. These disorders are characterized by abnormal alterations in Th1/Th2 populations, driven by an impro...
Nov 3, 2022
The WHO estimates that >700,000 annual deaths are caused by diseases related to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). To tackle this problem that leads to substantial health care costs on a global level the WHO strongly suggests to use a one-health approach, meaning that the environmen...
BBPlug project(Università degli Studi di Milano, DeFENS)
Oct 28, 2022BEaMLab
This dataverse include the research data generated within the project "Circular Agri-Food systems: development of biodegradable and biostimulant plant multiplication plugs from fruit and vegetable wastes - BBPlug", granted by Cariplo Foundation (Circular Economy for a sustainable...
Jul 15, 2022 - Po Plain aquifers
Zecchin, Sarah, 2022, "Illumina 16S rRNA gene reads", https://doi.org/10.13130/RD_UNIMI/RC6YNI, UNIMI Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:/kNtTSE/8FEwscOFQd2Shw== [fileUNF]
This Dataset includes 16S rRNA gene reads obtained by Illumina amplicon sequencing performed on a MiSeq platform at Microsynth AG (Balgach, Switzerland). The reads were amplified from DNA isolated from arsenic-contaminated groundwater sampled in six aquifers located in the provin...
Po Plain aquifers(DeFENS, University of Milan)
Jul 15, 2022Bacterial-assisted Adsorption Technology for Arsenic removal from water
This Dataverse includes data collected from six arsenic-contaminated aquifers located in the Po Plain (Northern Italy) within the BATA project.
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