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Dataverse Terms of Use

Dataverse Terms of Use

Definition of service
The Service at is intended as a repository of research data. The service is offered to users working with or affiliated to University of Milan, to the aim of depositing and sharing research data collected, observed or generated. The Service enables users to upload datasets, that are containers of files. A dataset is contained in one dataverse, which is created by dataverse staff. (

Supported users
Unimi staff can sign in with email and a password (not necessarily the institutional password). All users with an ORCID registration can sign in with ORCID. External partners must be authorized by the administrator of each dataverse. The first dataverse of the group or of the researcher will be created by dataverse staff. (

Use of the dataverse
The repository is intended to be used for publishing research data (e.g. research data at the basis of publications or PhD theses).
You do not need to deposit data that have already been published or received a DOI (or other persistent identifier) in other repositories (e.g. Zenodo).
Even if your data will not be open, metadata should be published
Every user can publish up to 30GB per year. If your dataset exceeds this limit, contact the staff (

Code of conduct
By depositing and submitting a dataset you acknowledge that:
You have fully read the checklist with attention to GDPR, IP and other ethical, legal or regulatory obligations.
You are responsible for the content of the dataset.
The metadata (description of the data) is always publicly available even when files are restricted.
External users can download publicly available datasets from, taking into account the applied license and accepting best practices of data citation.
Changes in the metadata (after publishing) may result in new versions, depending on a minor or a major update.
Deleting files and uploading extra files (after publishing) will always result in a new version.
The deleted file remains accessible in the previous version because of research integrity.
Published datasets cannot been deleted. In certain cases (violations of data protection or intellectual property rights), the dataset can be deaccessioned by contacting, which means that the data files are no longer openly available. The metadata will still be visible.
Only in case of misconduct or scientifica fraud, may the entire dataset be deleted.

By depositing and submitting a dataset you acknowledge that users that want to download data must be registered users or guests that agree to the CC0 waiver or the Custom Data Usage license agreement for a dataset.
Downloaders agree that, in downloading any material from Dataverse UNIMI, they:

  • will respect the rules described and attached to the dataset;
  • acknowledge that their account information (for Users) or temporary site identification information (for Guests) may be recorded upon download, which can then be viewed by the owner of the User Upload;
  • have done their due diligence in ensuring that they do not download and use any datasets or other materials where prohibited by applicable law.

By depositing and submitting a dataset you acknowledge that no representation or warranty is made by University of Milan, by implication or otherwise, concerning the downloaded dataset, including warranties of merchantability, safety, fitness for a particular purpose, correctness and non-infringement of third parties' intellectual property rights.

I have read and accept the Dataverse General Terms of Use as outlined above.